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Knit Viscose, Double Brushed, Schwarz

CHF 27.00 / Meter

Knit Viscose, Double Brushed, Creme

CHF 27.00 / Meter

Doubleface Bio Knit, mind the MAKER, Creamy White

CHF 42.00 / Meter

Organic Wicker Knit, White Sand, 180cm

CHF 34.90 / Meter

Organic Woolen Ottoman | Khaki, mind the MAKER

CHF 27.00 / Meter

Organic Woolen Fleece/Sweat Cashmere, Dry Mustard

CHF 49.00 / Meter

mind the Maker, Strickstoff Organic Woolen Mold Sweat, Olive Green

CHF 39.00 / Meter